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At VitableTech, we welcome contributions from developers, designers, and individuals who are passionate about making technology accessible for all. Whether you're an experienced coder or new to open source, there are various ways you can contribute to our projects.


SnippetMaster is an open source Visual Studio Code extension that simplifies code snippet management. It allows developers to create, organize, and share code snippets easily.

  • Report Bugs: Help us identify and fix issues by reporting bugs through the GitHub repository.
  • Feature Requests: Suggest new features or improvements to enhance SnippetMaster's functionality.
  • Code Contributions: Contribute to the codebase by addressing open issues or implementing new features. We follow the GitHub flow for collaboration.

General JS Toolkit

General JS Toolkit is an npm package that provides a collection of useful utility functions for JavaScript development.

  • Create Issues: Help us improve the General JS Toolkit by creating detailed issues for bugs or enhancements on the GitHub repository.
  • Pull Requests: Contribute your code changes or new utility functions via pull requests. We value clean and well-documented code.

Stuff Utilities

Stuff Utilities is a PHP package available on Packagist that offers a set of utility classes for various tasks. If you're proficient in PHP, you can contribute to this project.

  • Testing: Test the existing utilities and provide feedback on any issues you encounter.
  • Code Enhancements: Improve the code quality, optimize performance, or add new utility classes.

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